Monday, February 27, 2012

How finding my past changed my future!

How finding my past changed my future!
There are a few things these days that seem to be hovering around my space, need for community, desire to surrender to what is, understanding what just happened, and trusting what is about to happen. I know all of these are inner connected energies and when I follow the tread they are leaving in my life they all seem to lead to the same place; here and now. I seem to have a karmic imprint that has spread itself throughout everything in my life and that Karmic imprint comes about in moments of clarity in my death or deaths. Through out this life time I have found myself in places where I knew without a doubt I had been there before, sometimes even to the point where I found pictures of myself in that place knowing I had not been there in this lifetime. They say we carry our imprint in our look and that look is what others recognize when they look at us and say "don't I know you from somewhere" and then an instant friendship reignites. 

I travel these days because of a calling to go back and set something right or learn something more, Japan, Chile, Costa Rica, Ukraine, Ecuador and many other places I have visited have been a real going back, yet in their visiting I always had the feeling I was going forward and that the inner work I did in those places changed big time the outer work I would do in my future. 

I know in reality I am only following my destiny and in the end what is, is perfect, nothing has to change yet I cant help feel that I am forming myself into a higher being at a time when that is what is needed for the next great happening to enter my existence. I am about to go on the road again back to a place where I knew so many and loved so much about what life gave me. I will immerse myself in the soil, plant my spring gardens, grow food for my community to eat, start building this life's imprint so in the future when I revisit it I will smile like I am now knowing that we all are ONE amazing kind and comforting energy and in that energy I am ONE whole powerful healing heart of Love Sweet Love!

I hope that my imprint will be a breath of fresh air and that upon breathing it you will smile and know you are loved!

Touching Everything in All lives and leaving nothing but Love!

Shaman Ziggy  

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Heart Open I drink my Chamomile Tea!

Having a Shamans View requires us to rise above all the noise pollution and as we do we begin to see how much we were affected and easily pulled into the confused state that came about when took deep breaths of the air down there. I believe the noise is about to get a whole lot louder and so we will be required to distance ourselves further and further from it. We do this by visualizing the opening of our heart to everything that exist in our world, breathing deep we can center ourselves inside where this noise is but a past memory. We see ourselves in different light, a more peace filled light, a calmer light. 

My daughter has a moms group that gets together to support each other. In a resent meeting one of the moms who had been really struggling with staying calm while her two kids went crazy told of how her mother had introduced her to Chamomile tea, something I have been drinking for years. She sat there with a smile on her face while her little one slept on her lap and said she could not believe how things had changed in her life since she started drinking this tea. She said she now looked at thing so differently and that things that use to bother her and get her worked up no longer had an affect on her, she loved it so much she talked to her doctor who said she could use small amounts of it in her baby's formula and then she pointed to the child on her lap and said and this has been the affect. I thought right away how great this was and then I saw how the mothers calmness had really been a double affect on her child, the tea may have helped but for sure I knew the child was picking up on the mothers calm space and I looked around the room and noticed that all the other mothers looked so peaceful as well. I though how easy to fix this world it can be. This calm space the mother found was now permeating the whole space she existed in. 

This is really the same affect that finding our inner peace, however we do that will have on the world we live in. I plan on have my chamomile tea every night just before I do my breathing and sit in my open heart and feel the LOVE that is me in this space.

Open Heart and Loving it's affect on the world around me!

Love, Peace and Understanding that the world around me loves my open heart as much as I do. 

Shaman Ziggy