Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hands of Love! 

On the floor of my daughters living room where I am now staying is a large rubber mat made up of the alphabet with removable letters, my 4 year old grandson loves to take letters and spell words. Yesterday I walk in and on the floor was the word "HAND" and so as to have fun with him I put under it the word "JIVE" thinking when he ask me what that was I would have fun showing him how to do the hand jive. I grabbed my 4 month old grand baby girl and sat down on the couch waiting for my grandson to come in. As he walked in and came over to sit next to me I looked up and the word JIVE changed in a blink into the word "LOVE" I looked at it like what am I missing here, what just happened, I think if it it would have been any other word I would have really freaked out but as I sat there staring at the word "LOVE" all I could do was smile and then I looked up and on the piano right behind the words was a picture from my daughters wedding of her and her husbands hands holding each other showing their rings and under it in large letters was again the word "LOVE" and in a moment I understood the transformation that had taken place. The message was clear the power that our hands carry is no jive, it is real and it stands for everything that is love, holding hands, massaging with our hands, hand based Reiki, shaking hands. We use our hands everyday for so many things. All I could do was smile thinking of Gods message to me use more "HAND LOVE." 

Then last night I had a dream that clarified it all I sat down in a quite place and dropped into a deep meditation and in that meditation I went right to the green that is my heart chakra, I saw how much green(Love) their was in my life at all times, I saw it in everything a bird flying past green tree tops, a deer dancing in a green field near a stream, on and on, green was such a big part of my life. Then as if a key had been turned my heart opened and the radiant light that poured forth healed everything it touched. I sat there watching that green love light energy pouring out the ends of my hands and I knew that everything I touched would feel better and so I went looking for things that needed touching. I saw all of you like me needing touching, I saw humanity needing touching, I saw children needing touching and I saw that word "HAND LOVE" and next to it I saw (Happy, Abundant, Never-ending,Dancing, Laughing, Overthetop, Vibrating Energy) and all I want to do was reach out, touch everything and leave nothing but LOVE. 

I love you all so much and hope this little story will inspire you to touch someone with a little heart filled hand love. Next time you shake somebody's hand take the opportunity to open up your heart and let your essence pour forth. YOU are LOVE! Have a great week and thanks for BEING here! 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Trusting "NO" turns "ON" Everything!

Do you trust the universe?

I am a writer, a gardener, an energy worker and an all around nice guy:) So why not trust the universe to give me everything I need. 

Trusting our universe to bring us what we need in life begins with acceptance of what we have and who we are and out of that comes a feeling of happiness and then out of that feeling of happiness comes a vibration that permeates the universe and as it smiles in that vibration it says wow lets do that again and it looks at what it is that will create more of that and it sends it our way, special delivery. This circle of amazing life events only gets interrupted when we start to change that good vibration feeling by bringing forth our judgment or blame or other negative feelings when things don't go as we plan and letting the energy from that lead the way. Its a little like stubbing our toe and then as we jump around screaming something else happens and then something else and it just escalates from there.

I cant even remember when the shift happened in me and I stopped reacting to a stubbed toe as if the world was conspiring against me. I think it was a gradual change, not one that rocked my world. I just noticed that I was spending a lot less time in those moments after something happened to me, questioning why it did and instead started to look at it from a different view of trying to guess what is the universe up to now.  

When we begin to follow our breath instead of lead it, one of the first things that changes in our lives is the amount of time we spend sitting in the world of blame or anger. Releasing blame and accepting the peaceful power within shines a light on the fact that we are in control of everything in our lives and changing what is begins with changing how we view it. 

I once read a story about a monk who after listening to someone complain about everything that was going wrong in their life ask the person how he felt about his height, the person stopped and looked at the monk and said my there's nothing wrong with my height why do you ask, the monk said well all the other things you have told me about you can change if it was your height we would have to change the way you look at it. 

There is nothing in this world that cant be changed by changing how we look at it!  

I have been taking care of my little 4 month old grand daughter and all ready I see how tight she takes hold of things in her life, my finger, her toys, her habits. Its as if I can see her forming her view on life right in front of my eyes. Then when I stop breathe and go within I begin to see how her view on life is changing my view on life because I am still learning acceptance of what is and not needing something to change so I can feel better, I can just feel better and in doing so the vibration I send out puts us both to sleep. 

I think when it comes to everyone reading this post you too are an all around great person, so sit back, let go and trust the universe to conspire for your greater good!

Thanks for BEING here and remember when all else fails breathe your way back home!

Shaman Ziggy

Monday, January 16, 2012

Follow Your Breath!

Well here we go off into the misty, letting our spirit guides have a voice, listening to that inner wisdom that seems to all ways know the way, the path and the how to find our connection to the divine light. As is my way and my path I wish to create a space where healing happens and laughter can be heard as the tears roll gently down the stream. Finding our generic code starts were the ONE thing in our life we cant live without leaves off, Our Breath! I have use the breath in almost every class I have taught since the O day many years ago. I have used several different ways to follow our breath, yet for most of us the easiest way to follow our breaths is to stop leading it, slow down, let it pass us and then get behind it and watch as it takes us deeper and deeper into our subconsciousness space. Most of us are moving way to fast for our breath to keep up, how you know this is when you get to the end of your day and you realize not a moment has passed when you felt yourself sitting in front of it, watching it, loving it. It is after all what keeps us alive!

So to start with lets all take a moment and let our breaths catch up and as we sit in silence we can almost see our breath pull out in front of us and then we can follow it up to the top of our heads and down to the bottom of our feet as it shows us how to relax, let go and slow down. When we start down this path something very profound shows up, our true selves, clear and unburdened. Its as if the sun comes out and all those clouds seem to just disappear right in front of our eyes. Take a moment and follow your breath and notice how little else occupies your mind, watch as it steadies you, takes your hand and begins to lead you to just where you need to be for the next great event to take place in your life. Sitting like this brings inspiration, intuition and old ancient wisdom to the surface. If somethings been troubling you let your breath lead you to a solution to it all. It knows you better then anybody on this planet because in the end it has spent more time with you the all the rest combined. The best thing about our breath is its free, all ways there and never, ever lets go of us until we are ready to return to the real center of our universe our soul.

I will be using several mediums in this class, I have grown to like google+, youtube, conference calling and Gmail and in this new space for me called bloggerville I can mix them all, so we will see where this leads us I will try to post at least once a week and once a month hold some kind of virtual pot luck get together were you can bring your favorite dish, something you savor in life and share it with all of us.

I have missed my connection to writing while listening to that inner voice and it feels a bit like finding an old friend whos been there all along waiting for me to return and so in following my breath I found her and in her arms I now lay, dreaming of the ONE place we all exist, HERE!

Love, Peace and Understanding we are all ONE in this space called LOVE!
Wings folded yet ready to fly
Shaman Ziggy    


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Your perfect code!

I had a dream not long ago, in it I saw myself floating along as if in a river of energy. I looked ahead and saw a large wardrobe coming into view, as I approached it I could see the doors were open and inside I saw three numbers as if they were a combination 26-38-44 (adds up to 108) and as I looked at the numbers I felt myself going through a transformation and I knew that I was at this exact moment in the perfect center of all my existence and that I would live as many more lifetimes as I had already lived. I also knew that I had just click my perfect combination of DNA into the universal combination of DNA and that the universe had been waiting for me and my own unique code to be entered for all to move forward.

Then as I looked up in front of me I saw so many bodies of light coming at me and as I looked over my shoulder wings were sprouting from my back and I began to fly. I realized the lights were other winged light beings and we all took flight as ONE amazing light energy. As ONE we knew just where we needed to be and where this river of energy would take us from here. 

I believe each and everyone of you now reading this also carries a code that is needed at this time for humanity to move forward into the light. How we find that code and click it into place is what this blog will be about.

There comes a time in your life when know you are right where you need to be for the next great thing to happen in your life and then it does. So come on in and sit down, the fires on, books in hand and I have story to tell you all. A story of how a dream became a reality and a little bald man became a Shaman with a View!


Touching Everything Attaching Nothing but Love Sweet Love
Shaman Ziggy

I hope you join us here in this sacred space where only love survives. I look so forward to hearing from all of you and please let your unconscious energy be your guide to bring forth everything that is needed for us to live as ONE!