Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Trusting "NO" turns "ON" Everything!

Do you trust the universe?

I am a writer, a gardener, an energy worker and an all around nice guy:) So why not trust the universe to give me everything I need. 

Trusting our universe to bring us what we need in life begins with acceptance of what we have and who we are and out of that comes a feeling of happiness and then out of that feeling of happiness comes a vibration that permeates the universe and as it smiles in that vibration it says wow lets do that again and it looks at what it is that will create more of that and it sends it our way, special delivery. This circle of amazing life events only gets interrupted when we start to change that good vibration feeling by bringing forth our judgment or blame or other negative feelings when things don't go as we plan and letting the energy from that lead the way. Its a little like stubbing our toe and then as we jump around screaming something else happens and then something else and it just escalates from there.

I cant even remember when the shift happened in me and I stopped reacting to a stubbed toe as if the world was conspiring against me. I think it was a gradual change, not one that rocked my world. I just noticed that I was spending a lot less time in those moments after something happened to me, questioning why it did and instead started to look at it from a different view of trying to guess what is the universe up to now.  

When we begin to follow our breath instead of lead it, one of the first things that changes in our lives is the amount of time we spend sitting in the world of blame or anger. Releasing blame and accepting the peaceful power within shines a light on the fact that we are in control of everything in our lives and changing what is begins with changing how we view it. 

I once read a story about a monk who after listening to someone complain about everything that was going wrong in their life ask the person how he felt about his height, the person stopped and looked at the monk and said my there's nothing wrong with my height why do you ask, the monk said well all the other things you have told me about you can change if it was your height we would have to change the way you look at it. 

There is nothing in this world that cant be changed by changing how we look at it!  

I have been taking care of my little 4 month old grand daughter and all ready I see how tight she takes hold of things in her life, my finger, her toys, her habits. Its as if I can see her forming her view on life right in front of my eyes. Then when I stop breathe and go within I begin to see how her view on life is changing my view on life because I am still learning acceptance of what is and not needing something to change so I can feel better, I can just feel better and in doing so the vibration I send out puts us both to sleep. 

I think when it comes to everyone reading this post you too are an all around great person, so sit back, let go and trust the universe to conspire for your greater good!

Thanks for BEING here and remember when all else fails breathe your way back home!

Shaman Ziggy


  1. Thanks Ziggy for posting this today. I needed to hear it. About a year and a half ago we sold our Lakehouse. Not something I wanted to do but we just couldnt afford it anymore. So we moved into our Townhouse. Today I was feeling woo is me, cant garden, cant cook in my little kitchen, no place to put anything, blah blah blah. I know and understand everything that you have posted but for some reason today it got away from me. Thanks for the gentle nudge. Namaste' Cathy

  2. You are so welcome and I understand completely how this can snowball and I have also seen how quick it stops when we start to recognize it as not healthy for us. We have to also practice forgiveness for the programming we have received over our many life times. When we are able to access memories from thousands of years ago we find a different pattern, one of acceptance and bliss! Good news is everything repeats itself and that will as well! Love to you and yours where ever you stand! Z