Thursday, January 12, 2012

Your perfect code!

I had a dream not long ago, in it I saw myself floating along as if in a river of energy. I looked ahead and saw a large wardrobe coming into view, as I approached it I could see the doors were open and inside I saw three numbers as if they were a combination 26-38-44 (adds up to 108) and as I looked at the numbers I felt myself going through a transformation and I knew that I was at this exact moment in the perfect center of all my existence and that I would live as many more lifetimes as I had already lived. I also knew that I had just click my perfect combination of DNA into the universal combination of DNA and that the universe had been waiting for me and my own unique code to be entered for all to move forward.

Then as I looked up in front of me I saw so many bodies of light coming at me and as I looked over my shoulder wings were sprouting from my back and I began to fly. I realized the lights were other winged light beings and we all took flight as ONE amazing light energy. As ONE we knew just where we needed to be and where this river of energy would take us from here. 

I believe each and everyone of you now reading this also carries a code that is needed at this time for humanity to move forward into the light. How we find that code and click it into place is what this blog will be about.

There comes a time in your life when know you are right where you need to be for the next great thing to happen in your life and then it does. So come on in and sit down, the fires on, books in hand and I have story to tell you all. A story of how a dream became a reality and a little bald man became a Shaman with a View!


Touching Everything Attaching Nothing but Love Sweet Love
Shaman Ziggy

I hope you join us here in this sacred space where only love survives. I look so forward to hearing from all of you and please let your unconscious energy be your guide to bring forth everything that is needed for us to live as ONE!


  1. I am still organizing this site but expect it to be up soon, it will incorporate many medias and if you are a member of Google circles it will let you connect to all of it. So join in and lets have some fun. Shaman Ziggy

  2. I am here.. an apple in hand.. a light heart.. and a smile on my face.. May I sit in the front row this time? LOL.. MUCH love here for you Ziggy.. g xx

  3. Hey G so happy to see you sitting there in the front row this go round, your energy lights up the room no matter where you sit but this way I can enjoy its pure, constant vibration of love up close! hugs and thanks for BEING HERE! z

  4. Hello Hello Hello..

    Let the learning and sharing begin.. I am open and eager for the expansion.. (smile)

  5. I posted when I joined but its gone. So happy to be here. Let the learning begin. Namaste Ziggy! Cathy Cadd

  6. i feel like im late for a party
    looks like a great interested in first nation issues..commented at james site...i have had a vision of the rainbow uncoils from canberra [australia..and lays down a peace trail

    the trail tracks along the borders of states
    helpo]=ing people keeping safe paying for repair etc..via a bond system we been exploring on another site

    anyhow i noted the intrest in indig
    syncronicity..who knows its time..for all of us as wun

    it will be fun