Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hands of Love! 

On the floor of my daughters living room where I am now staying is a large rubber mat made up of the alphabet with removable letters, my 4 year old grandson loves to take letters and spell words. Yesterday I walk in and on the floor was the word "HAND" and so as to have fun with him I put under it the word "JIVE" thinking when he ask me what that was I would have fun showing him how to do the hand jive. I grabbed my 4 month old grand baby girl and sat down on the couch waiting for my grandson to come in. As he walked in and came over to sit next to me I looked up and the word JIVE changed in a blink into the word "LOVE" I looked at it like what am I missing here, what just happened, I think if it it would have been any other word I would have really freaked out but as I sat there staring at the word "LOVE" all I could do was smile and then I looked up and on the piano right behind the words was a picture from my daughters wedding of her and her husbands hands holding each other showing their rings and under it in large letters was again the word "LOVE" and in a moment I understood the transformation that had taken place. The message was clear the power that our hands carry is no jive, it is real and it stands for everything that is love, holding hands, massaging with our hands, hand based Reiki, shaking hands. We use our hands everyday for so many things. All I could do was smile thinking of Gods message to me use more "HAND LOVE." 

Then last night I had a dream that clarified it all I sat down in a quite place and dropped into a deep meditation and in that meditation I went right to the green that is my heart chakra, I saw how much green(Love) their was in my life at all times, I saw it in everything a bird flying past green tree tops, a deer dancing in a green field near a stream, on and on, green was such a big part of my life. Then as if a key had been turned my heart opened and the radiant light that poured forth healed everything it touched. I sat there watching that green love light energy pouring out the ends of my hands and I knew that everything I touched would feel better and so I went looking for things that needed touching. I saw all of you like me needing touching, I saw humanity needing touching, I saw children needing touching and I saw that word "HAND LOVE" and next to it I saw (Happy, Abundant, Never-ending,Dancing, Laughing, Overthetop, Vibrating Energy) and all I want to do was reach out, touch everything and leave nothing but LOVE. 

I love you all so much and hope this little story will inspire you to touch someone with a little heart filled hand love. Next time you shake somebody's hand take the opportunity to open up your heart and let your essence pour forth. YOU are LOVE! Have a great week and thanks for BEING here! 

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