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In the eyes of a new born child!

I wrote this when my first Grand Baby was born and now after spending the weekend with all 5 of my grand babies I realize life is just ONE big giant circle and we get the pleasure of spending time with the ONEs we love over and over again. We just have to look in their eyes and there we will see ourselves!

In the Eyes of a Newborn Child

I have been a Reiki master for several years and have also expanded my healing gift into Color, Energy and Aura healing.  I feel truly blessed to have met the wonderful people who also follow this path.  I am a North American living full time in southern Chile.  In South America in general there are thousands and thousands of Reiki masters and this number is multiplying every day.
I love the closeness to the holy sprit I feel in my healings and meditations and look forward to the calmness that comes from that contact.  As I believe most Reiki masters do I start my daily healings and meditation with sending cleansing energy to the one true Mother of us all Mother Earth.  I then give my daily healing energy to the great profits of the world as a small token of my appreciation for the kindness and love they spread to all.  Then I offer my energy to the one true sprit and creator of all that is and I ask him/her to multiply this healing energy 1000 times and to send it throughout the world to all of the young children in need of healing and love.  I always feel the laughter of the children as it passes over their heads and they reach up and absorb it through their fingertips.  This image is always the highlight of my day and I cannot help but laugh with them.  Then I open up my energy to whoever is in need of it. About a year ago a small child’s spirit slipped in and ask for me to give her some energy, this sprit felt so familiar and I knew it was from a very close soul. 
Later that day my sprit guide Geronimo said I must call my Daughter and so I did.  She was so excited I had called and said her and her boyfriend had just come from the doctor and they were going to have a child.  I knew right then who my visitor was and I smiled.  Every day for the next seven months little Tagan showed up first in line for my daily healing.  She was so full of good thoughts and positive energy it was always such a pleasure to have her visit. I knew I must return to the U.S. to be present for the birth of my first grandchild. 
I have to tell you a little side story, my father for 45 the years of my life that he was on this earth was my best friend and though he had seven other children I always felt like I was his favorite, I found out at his funeral that I was not alone, all of my brothers and sisters felt like he had loved them best and spent most of his life pleasing and loving them more than the other seven siblings, that should give you a glimpse of what a great soul this man was.  He spread such happiness and kindness wherever he went. In my daily visits with the little sprit of Tagan I felt his presence. 
            As my plane landed in Southern California I sensed something was very wrong.  The look on my daughters face only made me feel the situation was even graver than I had felt.  “What’s wrong?” I said as I hugged her and she started to cry, “we had a very serious head on accident two days ago and it totaled our new car. Thank god we were not hurt badly but they were very worried about the baby. She is due in two weeks. They had to give her shock treatment to make sure she was ok. She was moving and they think she will be alright but I am so worried about her.”  I could only hold her and pray that all was going to be ok.  “Lets go home.” I said.
Once back at their home I ask my daughter Brianna if I could give her and the baby a Reiki treatment, she was comforted by that and it was clear wanted some help in knowing what was going on with the baby. I started my healing with Brianna and could feel the trauma in her arms and upper body from the jolt she had taken from putting her arms out in the accident.  I then moved to Tagan and my hands instantly froze and I began to shake uncontrollably. I have never felt that kind of deep, deep cold before.  I realized it was Tagan that was shaking and I focused all my energy to warming my hands, then she spoke very clearly to me, “Is my mommy OK? Is my daddy OK? Are they hurt?  I am Ok, but I am really scared. Help me please.” I told my daughter what the child had said and asked her to please tell her she is fine and her father is fine and to spend as much time as she could over the next day reassuring Tagan that they are OK and only worried about her. The next day I did another treatment and the energy was so much calmer and warmer I could tell they were going to be fine. 
I then asked the baby’s father if he would like a treatment, he had been watching me and I could tell was a little apprehensive about it all.  He said he would like one because his neck had been severely hurt and would welcome anything that might help alleviate the pain. Brianna sat in the chair next to the couch I was treating him on.  I could feel he was in a lot of pain and as I started my treatment I heard Tagan say to me very clearly. “Let me help.” I thought wow that would really be one young Reiki master. I reached out my hand to my daughters belly and received and instant jolt of intense energy.  I pointed my other hand at her father who was lying there with his eyes closed.  He immediately said  “wow I can really feel the heat on my neck and it feel so good, thank you.”  I said “don’t thank me thank your daughter” he opened his eyes to see my hand on Brianna’s belly and he smiled. The warmth we all felt was so calming, we sat for a long time and let Tagan heal, her father, her mother and most of all herself. 
We entered the hospital about 10pm several days later, when it became clear that it was going to be a while before they would deliver I sent everyone home with the promise I would call them if anything started to happen.  I assumed a meditation pose in the hall outside their room and started my usual routine.  When I came to the open healing Tagan slipped in, as usual she was first and ready for some good energy, however she brought with her the contractions she must have been feeling. They were not painful however they were strong and I could feel them come and go, I started to use a deep breathing technique I had been working on and soon I had a very comfortable rhythm. I could feel Tagan resting in my hands and I feel into a deep meditation.  For almost two hours I sat there calmly taking the contractions as they passed through me. I opened my eyes to the presence of a nurse standing over me.  “I’m sorry I bothered you, you were meditating, its funny but your daughter has been in a deep sleep for the last two hours and though the monitors show she has been having very strong contractions with no medication she continues to sleep through them. I have worked here for many years and have never seen that.”  
Morning came and everyone returned to the hospital, Brandon said the contractions were getting closer and they expected the baby any time. Several hours passed and then I felt a rush of energy pass through me and I new Tagan was here.  Minuets later Tagan’s Father came out to tell us she had been born and Brianna and her were fine.  I realized at that moment that it was my father’s birthday and I thought wow is that cool or what; Tagan was born on the same day as my father.  I entered the birth room and looking directly at me in the eyes of this new born child where the eyes of my father, I felt his love coming from this special new little soul and I knew she was a very old soul and I felt deeply healed.

Love Peace and Understanding

Thank you for reading this and I hope your life is filled with great passing's of old souls you have missed in you life that show up just when you need them to!

Little Tagan 

 Tagan on right and all my other soul traveling friends

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  1. Beautiful Grandbabies with a beautiful headstart having a Grandpa like you!
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